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Introducing a Revolution 
in Theft Deterence.  
Minimise your risk.

Did you know 1 in 3 houses in every street across major cities
in Australia have been burgled?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have some men stay in your house, caravan,
office or even a tent when you are away.

People present is possibly the greatest theft deterrent.

For $39.95
(plus $9.95 postage and handling) HERE 24/7 creates the perception that these men are inside your property. You simply can't tell that they're not really there! There conversations are generally the same sort of chat that you would hear any where in Australia.You have the choice of six different voices professionally recorded on three separate CD'S.Simply play the men on continuous repeat on your CD player! 

HERE 24/7 is the ultimate theft deterrent


Ask yourself... would someone break
into this house if they clearly heard
these two men inside?

... or would burglars attempt to enter
this office or business hearing the
conversation of these two men?

... or how about this factory or warehouse?

Also great for caravans or even a tent!

Close your blinds and switch on a light Australia

Because if you cant be there  HERE 24/7 can!

Unlike burglar alarms that only sound after the break in and damage has occured, HERE 24/7 sounds before, which ultimately protects your property

The ultimate protection for only $39.95
plus $9.95 postage and handling

The package consists of three professionally recorded CDs featuring six different male voices. Their conversations are general. Care has been taken to ensure the recordings do not contain offensive material.

Ease of use

Simply set your CD player or stereo to continuous repeat. The option is available to share the set with family or friends. Each CD plays for approximately one hour and starts again when it finishes.

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