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Senior detective
Shane Hillas (retired)

With approximately 20 years of investigation regarding break in and theft related crime, I 
was asked to trial HERE 24/7. With three 
different conversations of men playing on repeat on my CD player, I was amazed at how real this product sounds.If thieves can't see in they listen and hearing what sounds like Real Men in conversation is a great theft deterrent.Here24/7 sounds nothing at all like radio or television.It just sounds like two blokes chatting          

There is no doubt that burglars dislike noise or people present, so HERE 24/7 is the ultimate deterrent. It's the next best thing to being there yourself !

Leading Hypnotherapist
John R Simmons

John R. Simmons a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist
has invested over thirty years on the study of human behavior. Anxiety is among the most common conditions and can lead to exceptionally high levels of stress. HERE 24/7 goes a long way towards helping minimise the level of anxiety created when people are away from their property.

Digitally mastered audio

Have you noticed some TV commercials seem to jump out at you with stronger volume than the movie? This is called digital mastering or energising the sound track.

HERE 24/7 is energised to maximum to enable the men's voices to penetrate walls, doors and windows. This is why HERE 24/7 sounds so real when using only a small compact CD player. Simply close the shades, switch on a light and play the men on repeat.
 Patent Pending Hitz by Hooker International